Gorgeous entry made by Marianne S. Take a look at all those fabulous details – this will be journey into dimension of pure beauty and perfection.

This elegant and charming bag is made by Tiiu.

This minimalist bag is made by Leina. Author tried to chasten her usual habit to pile up too many details. Bag is made without using tape measure, needles and thread. Leina used embellisher to create the fabric and to “sew” the bag together. More pictures can be found in her blog.

Eleri surprised with 4 stunning entries – they look like sisters to me, so similar at first glance but everyone has its own beauty and personality.

Beautiful bag made by Kairit – author says, she is bored of long winter and misses summer - that’s why she got inspiration from daisies…

Another absolutely charming bag made by Irina Tammis. More pictures and story can be found in her website.

This awesome bag with an emotional and touchy story is made by Freddy. Take look into her blog, to see more pictures.

This soft and lovely snowball is made by Triinu. Take a look into authors craft blog to see more.  

Absolutely stunning bag by Margit K – I can say only, that the words are so weak to describe beauty of this masterpiece. Hopefully author will add comments in her craft blog, soon.

This gentle, yet passionate duo of bags is made by Kai – look all delicate details of this wonderful bag and visit authors blog to see even more.

Absolutely fantastic bag made by Tsirkusemoor – this totally groovy bag is made of as adversarial materials as silver and birch bark, different laces and pearls.


More info can be found in author´s blog.

Lovely cozy for knitting needles made by KarinTen.

Stunning beauties from Mõisapreili and her 10-years old daughter Kertu – story and pictures can be found here