Laptop bag by KAIRIT

Another beautiful-beautiful bag made entirely from recycled materials.

Laptop bag by ELERI

Eleri’s laptop bad is dedicated to Jagannath. This bad looks almost like icon – you can found lot of beautiful details and different layers of meaning there…

Laptop bag by KÄTLIN LUHT

How cute can one laptop bag be? Kätlin, thanks for lifting our cutemeter to the skies ;=)

Laptop bag by KESON

This laptop bag looks rather mystique to us – dark and beautiful like northern nights. Thank you, Keson for this beautiful entry :=)

Laptop bag by IRINA TAMMIS

This stylish and warm laptop bag is made by Irina Tammis.

Laptop bag by FREDDY

Freddy made her laptop bag entirely from recycled materials and materials she found at her home. The result is really neat and practical! Well done!