FREE THEME by Irina Tammis

Irina's bag is stylish as always - pure white beauty with delicate details. Read her comments about the bag here

FREE THEME by Marianne S
Marianne's bag is real WOW!!! Take a look what she says about this wonderful creation. 

FREE THEME by  Leina

Bag made by Leina is quite difficult to describe - minimalist, yet lush... But you better check out her own story about this bag here


Eleri created such an elegant and stylish bag. here you can read her blogpost about this beautiful bag.

FREE THEME by Jaanamari

Jaanamari's bag mixes different styles - it look beautiful but also is really useful for everyday shopping. 

FREE THEME by Kairit

Kairit surprises us with 2 beautiful bags! WOW! 

FREE THEME by Svetlana

Svetlana made bag in felting technique - this is her first try ever, thanks for sharing it with us!