Wednesday's collage introduces our favorite artists and their artworks from all over the world... 

Please meet all those fabulous artists,  mostly find via Flickr. There are direct links below the collages which lead you directly to the artist´s original picture - click to discover their wonderful artwork!!!

All collages are created with fd's Flickr Toys.


Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: June 4th, 2014 by Leina Neima 

Ahh, those wonderful dandelions... 

Flickr favorites: 1. blue65-turquoise-dandelion Premier Prints, 2. yellow dandelions fabric, 3. Dandelions - Yellow by friztin, 4. Winner: fanciful flight - make a dandelion wish! by coggon 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: May 28th, 2014 by Leina Neima 

Denim sky and rain all over... 

Flickr favorites: 

1. Turquoise Flower Dot Messenger Bag by P8 Accessories & Button Art
2. Rustic Spa Earrings by Claire Williams Handcrafted Jewellery
3. Custom order by gem heaven jewellery
4. clutch_jimmy by tortillagirl // friedinbutter

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: May 7th, 2014 by Leina Neima

My heart is longing for C O L O R S !!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. DVD 16 (Going Downhill Fast), 2. Good view of the end of the rainbow, 3. ~ Breakfast in color ~, 4. Perdido en la ciudad (Lost in the city)

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: April 2th, 2014 by Leina Neima

g r a y        t e x t i l e    g r a y        t e x t i l e     g r a y        t e x t i l e     

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 26th, 2014 by Leina Neima

SPRING in in the air!!!! 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: February 26th, 2014 by Leina Neima

It feels so springy outside - so  let's visit some of my fresh springy Flickr favorites!

It could be great idea to visit also Etsy-shops of the authors to buy some nice gifts just for yourself :=) 

: and Renate Ikinger´s Etsy-shop  Kreativlink
2: and Sascalia´s Etsy-shop
3: and Tova Reshef´s Etsy-shop
4: and Galina Blazejewska´s Etsy-shop

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: February 19th, 2014 by Leina Neima

And now it is time to discover some wonderful polymer clay artists...

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: February 12th, 2014 by Leina Neima

Dreaming about fluffy snow yet.. It is February and there should be cold and everything should be covered with white snow...

But... it is raining, yet :(

So I to admire incredible photos of snowflakes by Don Komarechka. I discovered his wonderful photos via his Flickri gallery, which is worth to be visited. NOW!

He also has website called The Universe i see it

Flickr favorites: 1. Majestic Ice, 2. Snowflake: Vibrant Core, 3. Snowflake: The last of 2013, 4. Snowflake Menagerie 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: February 5th, 2014 by Leina Neima

Today is beautiful sunny winter day, so here you can find some absolutely fantastic creation of icy glass objects... visit links below, to discover the web-nests of those wonderful artists!

Flickr favorites: 1. Ice Bubbles Lampwork Bead Set, 2. Lampwork Focal Glass Bead, Ocean Blue 3, 3. lampwork ice bead, 4. Ice Blue Sparkle (5)

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: January 29th, 2014 by Leina Neima

It's cold outside..brrr...

So I made new felted slippers, while mine are still drying, I made short walk around the Flickr (admiring other wonderful fellow felt-makes and their creation).

And discovered those lovely slippers by felt feeling - such a beautiful ones with touch of real personality.

Yes, I liked them very much and suggest you to wisit her Flickr page to take a closer look at those slippers and she also has very nice scarfs there.

Flickr favorites: 1. felted shoes, 2. Felted slipper, 3. Felted Slipper, 4. Felted Slipper

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: January 15th, 2014 by Leina Neima

It is snowing! Some beautiful pictures that capture magical Northern winter feeling...

Flickr favorites: 1. Squall stone close-up, 2. Frosted, 3. French Roses Fairy Lights - Chateau Grey, 4. Halliste mittens

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: May 1th, 2013 by Leina Neima

Brooms parked? ;-)

Flickr favorites: 1. Hockaday brooms, 2. handmade broom and walking stick, 3. door with broom, 4. Handmade brooms

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: April 10th, 2013 by Leina Neima

Time for spring-cleaning - it is time to reorganize this beautiful crafty mess, made during winter :=)

Flickr favorites: 1. mess1, 2. Making Day!, 3. mess of the early autumn desk, 4. desk top

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: April 3th, 2013 by Leina Neima

It is time to play :=) Look at those awesomely cute dolls! Wonderful personalities....

Flickr favorites: 1. Untitled, 2. man with castle tattoo, 3. fox girl, 4. Untitled

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 20th, 2013 by Leina Neima

Happy Springtime!

Flickr favorites: 1. Felted snowdrops, 2. Snowdrop gift tile, 3. Snowdrop wire sculpture, 4. Handmade snowdrops cake topper

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 6th, 2013 by Leina Neima

Spring is lurking....

Flickr favorites: 1. jenny gifford lotus detail, 2. Bebel, 3. Sibling Hudson Hats, 4. DE COMIENZO A FIN...

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: January 30th, 2013 by Leina Neima

Marcela Cardenas. So beautiful. So meaningful. So touchy. 

Flickr favorites: 1. árbol de la vida, 2. fauna, 3. flora, 4. venado 


Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: January 16th, 2013 by Leina Neima

Fresh discovery - River Luna and her amazing Etsy shop!!!


1. Watercolor Art - Tree Rings Archival Print - Nature Painting - 5x7 Art Print 2. Gathering - Archival Print 3. Feather Art Painting - Cyber Monday Etsy - Watercolor Art- Large Archival Print - 11x14 Chevron Feathers 4. Wings Painting - Butterfly, Moth Watercolor Art Print - Archival Fine Art Print 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: January 2th, 2013 by Leina Neima

We wish you Happy and Lush new Year!!! 

Flickr favorites from my dear group Etsy Europe1. Velvet and Topaz choker-5, 2. DIY Christmas Ornament Tree - how to instructions tabletop centerpiece, 3. Guardian of the night, 4. Wild Roses Fairy Lights - Vintage Pink, 5. Golden bookmark with a spider charm, 6. Autumn earrings, 7. Softly Striking pendant earrings, 8. A touch of gold, 9. Aurora - Gemstone necklace with Citrine, Cognac Quartz, Garnet, golden Rutilated Quartz and Mystic Rose Quartz wire wrapped in 14K gold filled 

Kolmapäeva kollaaž: KINGIIDEED: Ilukuduja

Flickr favorites: December 5th, 2012 by Leina Neima

Inga ILUKUDUJA and her stylish and oh-so-soft creation! 

1. Rowani Purelife sarjast Revive lõng - siid, puuvill, rayon 2. Luksuslik alpaka-siidi segune rohkenupu õlasall (Foto "Kuldaväärt kudumid" © Stina Kase ja Kirjastus Pegasus) 3. Müts ja kaeluse õhkavas beezhis toonis - 100% naturaalne ökovill (Foto "Kuldaväärt kudumid" © Stina Kase ja Kirjastus Pegasus)  4. Imeline siidi-villa-segune kolmnurkne sall

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: November 29th, 2012 by Leina Neima
Les Petites Disain - another great place for choosing handmade gifts... 
1. Seinakell, autor PAVEL SIDORENKO 2. Helku, autor KUKUJUKU HELKU3. Sukkpüksid  " Charlie ", autor Piret Ilves - BETSY 4. Vuntsid, autor PAVEL SIDORENKO

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: November 21th, 2012 by Leina Neima

DISAINIMAJA - great place for choosing Christmas presents!

1. Südamed riputamiseks - autor: Kuduja 2 ; 2. Pikakoivaline jänes - autor: MiaPuPe ; 3. Varss - autor: Vildiloom, 4. HIIREKESE sussid-roosad - autor: nospel 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: November 7th, 2012 by Leina Neima

I was in a dreamy mood this morning... 

Flickr favorites: 1. La Ruta de la Seda., 2. Large Pink Velvet Spider, 3. 70, 4. one up

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: October 31th, 2012 by Leina Neima

It is snowing - time put warm clothes on and have some fun! 

Flickr favorites: 1. Knitted ceramic teapot, by Helen Gilmour, 2. knitted white bag, 3. white tartan bows, 4. Little knitted polar bear 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: October 24th, 2012 by Leina Neima

I am back from beautiful Andalusia - bringing hot memories and lot of inspiration with me...

Flickr favorites: 1. Carmen the Flamenco Mouse, 2. zapatos rojos, 3. flamenco earrings, 4. spanish boy and girl paper dolls, 5. Flamenco music - big adjustable handmade ring, 6. ClipArt Illustration Spanish Senorita in Red Flamenco Dress Holding Green Fan, 7. Red Flamenco, 8. Flamenco dress!!, 9. spanish dresses

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: October 2th, 2012 by Leina Neima

Oh, those starry nights....

Flickr favorites

Flickr favorites: 1. Starry Night, 2. Starry Night, 3. Starry Night, 4. Starry Night Face Art

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: September 26th, 2012 by Leina Neima

It is autumn again....

Flickr favorites: 1. mess of the early autumn desk, 2. Set "Autumn", 3. Pastels Tuesday - Golden Fields, 4. Organic Pumpkin necklace, carved howlite stone bead natural moss agate brass, big berry fruit turquoise necklace, orange brown rustic

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: September 19th, 2012 by Leina Neima

The beauty of gray....

Flickr favorites: 1. EYE of Providence Necklace with eyes in Grey Couture Textile Jewelry collection, 2. bead tower, 3. HE BIRTH of VENUS Wedding or Special Occasions Felted Bolero, 4. Diana - Feather earrings Guinea Hen polka dot earrings in Sterling Silver. Handmade ethnic tribal design jewelry by Arctida, 5. Untitled, 6. Papier mache bowl - Stone and lichen, 7. Felted Cover for a notebook Dark Grey, 8. long grey sweater dress, 9. Birch, long felted scarf

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: September 19, 2012 by Leina Neima

Fresh start for school year and time to get fresh notebook, too :=)

Flickr favorites: 1. Magical Journal, 2. Seltsam, 3. Leather journal with buckle closure, 4. Two books with braids on their backs

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: September 5th, 2012 by Leina Neima

4th season of our inspirational collage - Wednesday´s collage is starting!

Like always, you can find all kind of creative stuff we . Please take time to click links and take a look at all those wonderful artists and craft people and their inspirational artwork. Enjoy!

Flickr favorites: 1. Copper Ring Indian Agate Copper handforged rustic ring cold connections gemstone, thumb or unisex, ANCIENT METAL ART, The primitive line, 2. From the farmers' market, 3. a stone turtle, 4. Red Snow | Focal pendant, 5. IMG_8934, 6. IMG_0050, 7. Untitled, 8. hydrangea, 9. Painted Desert Earrings

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: July 4th, 2012 by Leina Neima 

It is time to collect some beautiful stones and fresh ideas - it is time for vacation...

Flickr favorites: 1. sailboat..., 2. An afternoon at the beach, 3. A peaceful dusk at Bau Rouge beach - Provence, 4. stone squares...beach walk...5/12/09 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: June 27th, 2012 by Leina Neima 

Time of white nights... 

Flickr favorites: 1. Sunset at Prevelly Beach, Margaret River, Western Australia, 2. Port Elgin Beach Sunset, Lake Huron...13 Aug/06 1/5, 3. Sunset at Katwijk beach, 4.sunset at Ahipara

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: June 13th, 2012 by Leina Neima 

Longing for summer.... Sunshine, where are you this year? 

Flickr favorites: 1. Boat on a Beach, 2. Beach tower, 3. Oostduinkerke09, 4. South mid-March...2010

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: June 6th, 2012 by Leina Neima

Beauty of vintage bookkeeping journals. Inspirational?!  

Flickr favorites: 1. Ledger, 2. Skeleton Ledger from 1879, 3. Preston Dock Accounts Ledger for 1914, 4. vintage general ledger sheets, 5. Ledger 5 Print fit-to-page or on 12 inch or legal paper by, 6. 1950's Ledger book and stubs, 7. vintage japanese ledger, 8. Kibbe & More Ledger Pages, 9. Accounting Ephemera

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: May 23th, 2012 by Leina Neima

Calling for the doctor! 

Flickr favorites: 1. Cerise - Nurse Art Doll, 2. red cross, 3. Doctor Mouse, 4. Sister Maxie, 5. Antique Red Cross Stackers, 6. Ooooh Matron, 7. in progress Plague, 8.Nurse brooch, 9. plague doctor, close up

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: May 16th, 2012 by Leina Neima

Some of my best Etsy friends will meet soon in Istanbul - I wish I could also knock on beautiful shop-door of Kristin... 

Flickr favorites: 1. Istanbul Travel Journal, 2. Santa Sofia, 3. Taksim/Tünel, 4. my shop

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: May 10th, 2012 by Leina Neima

Birds are back!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. Spring time Kitsch Bird Rings, 2. Spring Chicken, 3. Spring birdies, 4. Rasberry Cream Birdie Pendants

Wednesday's collage

May 16th, 2012 by Leina Neima 

Preparing for vintage fair... 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: April 25th, 2012 by Leina Neima

Retro inspired beauty! 

Flickr favorites: 1. Bobby Pin Flowers, 2. Brown owl necklace, 3. flo004a, 4. Japanese Garden earrings

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: April 18th, 2012 by Leina Neima
Oh, so retro!

Flickr favorites: 1. Vintage retro eyeglasses from Germany, 2. party dress, 3. retro tan hat, 4. Vintage 1940s Suede Shoes

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: April 12th, 2012 by Leina Neima
More retro swimwear inspiration! Beautiful?!

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: April 4th, 2012 by Leina Neima
I's time to start making new swimsuit. Here some fab retro-inspiration for you! 

Flickr favorites: 1. Alice & Ellen Kessler, 2. Girls Gone Tame, 3. 1950Beach03, 4. Sea Side Temptation 1, 5. Mack Sennett girls, Phyllis Haver and Marie Prevost, 6.Betty Hutton , 7. 1927-Bathing Beauties, 8. 1922-Beauty Prize Ladies, 9. Summer 1951

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 28th, 2012 by Leina Neima

We have written about world’s handmade marketplace - called Etsy many times in our website...

This Wednesday Collage is dedicated to the European community on Etsy – lovely group of independent crafters, with whom I discovered years ago first secrets of international craft market. 

Please meet some shiny European craft-artists here! And visit Flickr group pool to see thousands of beautiful creations made by European craft people... 

Flickr favorites: 1. Adele, 2. Black Dog - journal, 3. Painted Cat Rock - Custom Made Pet rock, 4. boy and birds, 5. Hedgehog stories in tiny polaroid photos felt brooch - portable instant memories, 6. Lovers Knot sterling silver ring, 7. Clocks / Zegary, 8. Necklace, 9. Tea Time Mini Wall Clock

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 21th, 2012 by Leina Neima
Happy spring!!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. lolli flowers, 2. Mahasiah, 3. Untitled, 4. Tree Spirit Felt Finished!

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 14th, 2012 by Leina Neima
Beautiful Petri dishes - from laboratories and made by crafty hands... 

Flickr favorites: 1. White E. coli, 2. Two Petri Dishes, 3. Phomopsis Mold, 4. petri23 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 7th, 2012 by Leina Neima
Today's creamy and dreamy mood :) 

Please take a moment to check out amazing creation of these talented artists! 

Flickr favorites: 1. Cream Slip, 2. pink ballerina, 3. (no name) 4. Sleeping Beuauty

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: February 29th, 2012 by Leina Neima
Beautiful shades of springy morning! 

Flickr favorites: 1. Snails 15/33 & 16/33, 2. Applique Mix, 3. The Orchard, detail shot, 4. Twining leaves ring

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: February 22th, 2012 by Leina Neima
Time for Shrove Tuesday

Flickr favorites: 1. Red-Sledge-2, 2. Sledging Mouse, 3. Hold on!, 4. Rabbit with a sledge

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 15th of February 2012 by Leina Neima
The sea is now covered by ice... 

Flickr favorites:
 1. Felt cosmetics bag - Blue fish , 2. Water - textured painting, 3. Hydro earrings, 4. Swim away

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: February 9th, 2012 by Leina Neima
Fresh finds from TAKE a STITCH TUESDAY Flickr Group Pool 

Flickr favorites: 1. TAST 3Herringbone full size, 2. TAST - feather st, 3. tast2012_five_stitch_b_LV, 4. TAST blanket stitch 009 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 1th of February 2012, Leina Neima
Estonian crafters from island Saaremaa. Their united website:

1. Legendaarne muhu mustrite meister Leida Kirst 2. Vello Kaasen 3. Sirje Tüür4. Alliki Oidekivi 5. August Laes 6. Mai Meriste 7. Riina Tomberg 8. Mareli Rannap 9. Ly Põlluäär 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 25th of January 2012, Leina Neima

TAKE a STITCH TUESDAY surprises with lovely fresh creation!

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 18th of January 2012, Leina Neima
Yesterday, January 17th there was the feast day of Saint Anthony -  there are various legends associating him with pigs... 

Want to know more about this feast?

Flickr favorites: 1. Pig Card, 2. Little pig - close up!, 3. Pig, 4. Piggy Wedding Cake Topper, 5. Maisy Pig, 6. Angel Pig Pendant, 7. lunch - ebéd, 8. Piggy pouch - detail, 9. Pig "Rosalie"


Flickr favorites: 10th of january 2012, Leina Neima
Hooray! Sharon B once again organizes wonderful challenge Take a stitch Tuesday:=) 

Here you can find some fresh pictures from Flickr galleryof this great challenge... 

Flickr favorites: 1. TAST week 1 - fly stitch, 2. fly stitch - TAST Week 1, 3. FLY Stitch, 4. January flower

Wednesday's collage

07th of December 2011, Leina Neima
We are preparing for Christmas :) 

Leina just prepared fresh tutorial of making polymer clay Christmas Lights for HOME Magazine... 

Wednesday's collage

30th of November 2011, Leina Neima
Want to make Christmas presents?  

Lovely ideas and tutorials can be found in Estonian craft supplier HOBIPUNKT's gift calender :) 

1. Lavendliseep 2. Kolmerealine kee 3. Kaunistatud jõuluküünal 4. Teeküünla tops

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 23th off November 2011, Leina Neima

Beautiful white costume ideas...

Wednesday's collage

16th of November 2011, Leina Neima

Fresh and yummy Etsy-finds: 1. Vanilla Diva Body Cream 2. Organic Body Butter MANDARIN & CLOVE All Natural with Essential Oils  3. Mandarin Lime Silk, Organic Hand & Body Lotion 4. Lotion Bar Sunflower Pattern for Super Dry Skin 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 09th of November 2011, Leina Neima
First frosty days...

Flickr favorites: 1. SWEET SNOW WHITE BIG ROSE BLOSSOM FLOWER BOBBY PIN, 2. Morning Frost Earrings, 3. Leda - Rock Crystal Clear Quartz earrings wire wrapped in oxidized sterling silver, 4. Xx

Wednesday's collage

2th of November 2011, Leina Neima
Preparing for fresh workshops :) 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 25th of October 2011, Leina Neima
The magical beauty of ULTRAMARINE! 

Flickr favorites: 1. Antonina, 2. Wooden Bead Necklace - Ultramarine, 3. Abstrakt bangle - blue, 4. Blue_Record_Cuff

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 19th of October 2011, Leina Neima
It's time for tidying up the workshop :)

Flickr favorites CLEANING UP
Flickr favorites: 1. Neat and Tidy, 2. On my desk today, 3. what I'm doing today, 4. a corner of my studio

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 12th of October 2011, Leina Neima
Warm beauties....

Flickr favorites
Flickr favorites: 1. Felt scarf -Blue sky, 2. 9969, 3. Nuno Felted triangle scarf / kerchief Brown Turquoise Red Wine, 4. nuno felted scarf -Aegean- 3

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 5th of October 2011, Leina Neima
Cold season is coming.... 

Flickr favorites: 1. Felted mitts, 2. Multicolored crocheted layered arm warmers cuffs, 3. Nuno Felted Arm Warmers / Fingerless Gloves, 4. Grey wool mittens with poppy flowers

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites:  27th of September 2011, Leina Neima
Beautiful autumn colors!

Flickr favorites: 1. Autumn Umbels 2, 2. Sweet Brier GNOME and Mushroom GNOME - waldorf inspired toy, 3. Nuno felted scarf, 4. MY photo taken september 2009 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 20th of September 2011, Leina Neima
Autumn inspired polymer clay art! Beautiful, isn't it? 

Flickr favorites: 1. Autumn textured beads, 2. Autumn-Pin for my mother in law, 3. Autmn leaves, 4. Party Appetizer

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 14th of September 2011, Leina Neima
Cute things always make us smile :-)

Flickr favorites: 1. New Owls, 2. Wee Screech Owl, 3. Wilson the Mouse leather charm ( Grey ), 4. Shaun the Mouse dressed as s Sheep, 5. Flower Owl, 6. big bunny, 7.sharktoplush medium - cute face, 8. Mickey - Newborn yeti for adoption, 9. Spooked Joe

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 06th of September 2011, Leina Neima
It's time of first colorful leaves! 

Flickr favorites: 1. Bracelet - Red leather with orange glass beads, 2. nuno felted arm warmers -autumn- 1, 3. Nuno felted scarf Autumn leaves , 4. autumn dryad masquerade mask a

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 13th of July 2011, Leina Neima

SUMMERTIME! Flickr favorites
Flickr favorites: 1. Flower sterling silver ring with aventurine stones, 2. It was summer.., 3. summer dresses, 4. summer grass dress

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 15th of June 2011, Leina Neima
Beauty of polymer clay!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. Polymer clay Nasturtium cane, 2. Untitled, 3. Polymer Clay Disc Chic, 4. Polymer Clay Roses Pendant

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 8th of June 2011, Leina Neima
It is time for WWKIP aka World Wide Knit In Public Day!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. Sushi yarn, 2. Knitter's Valentine, 3. knitting ninja, 4. White as Snow, Red as Blood and Black as Ebony - detail 2

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 1th of June 2011, Leina Neima
Waiting for the... strawberries :=)

Flickr favorites: 1. Felt Strawberry Cake, 2. Igielnik truskawka - Strawberry pincushion, 3. Strawberry Magnet, 4. Strawberry Felt Pin

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 25th of May 2011, Leina Neima
Heart is such miraculous organ and never ending inspirational source for artists and crafters :=)

Flickr favorites: 1. raggedy black heart detail, 2. Sweet Hearts, 3. Valentine Heart & Card II, 4. Heart of Life 2, 5. christmas ornaments .. decorations.. heart .., 6. BE MY VALENTINE, MY HEART IS YOURS BROOCH, 7. Red Love heart mini wall art, 8. Heart magnets, 9. Heart Locket

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 18th of May 2011, Leina Neima
It is time for yellow!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. Tiny Yellow Flower Bouquet - Decoration, 2. Little yellow flowers earrings, 3. Antiqued Copper, Glass Seed Bead - Earrings - 'Toffee Pods', 4. Hand Painted Silk Scarf Golden Yellow Peacock

Wednesday's collage

1Flickr favorites: 1th of May 2011, Marianne S

Flickr favorites: 1. butterfly, 2. butterfly brooch, 3. Butterfly Pillow in Blue, 4. #16 Bellance ~ White Butterfly

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 4th of Mai 2011, Leina Neima
Wonderful news - green color is coming back after loooooooong winter!

Flickr favorites: 1. Felted slippers "Cloudberry", 2. Forest leaves reconstructed tshirt blouse, 3. 062, 4. Wool nuno felted hat Olive Mustard / Шерстяная шапка "Куркума", нуно-войлок

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 27th of April 2011, Marianne S
They are back!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. christmas bird ornaments, 2. bird mobile, 3. Wall bird done!, 4. Snowy Owls, 5. Bird  W.I.P., 6. Blue bird pin made out of polymer clay, metal finding and a glass bead, 7. handmade ornaments, 8. pink loveheart sock bird!, 9. Snow Walker in wall hanging position

Wednesday's collage - gRiS bLEu

Flickr favorites: 20th of April 2011, Leina Neima
gRiS bLEu and her magnifique polymer clay jewelry - absolut virtuosity of using polymer clay!

Flickr favorites: 1. Untitled, 2. Sea anemone, 3. Hairy nudibranch, 4. Gerbera

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 13th of April 2011, Leina Neima
Wonderful and inspirational pictures about reusing old colander!

Flickr favorites: 1. Alpine colander , 2. Salad bowl, 3. Salad to go!, 4. Overflowing Collander

Wednesday's collage

6th of April 2011, Leina Neima

 It's time to say goodbye to our bag making challenge "Outside of the Frame"!!!

Wednesday's collage

30th of March 2011, Marianne S
Pure inspiration! 

Flickr favorites: 1. freeform bag, 2. Vinyl Record Purse, Mala Disco Vinil - Geração 80, 3. A Hazy Shade Of Winter - OOAK Wrist Bag, 4. CoffeeMug pouch 23

Wednesday's collage

23th of March 2011, Leina Neima

Last winter I made tutorial of these soft slippers for my old winter boots - they are so great that I can still wear them :=)

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 23th of February 2011, Marianne S
Happy Birthday dear Homeland!

Flickr favorites: 1. Patterns in Blue, 2. blue embroidery, 3. Azurro, 4. Bracelet, 5. Red | Black, 6. Mucha Spats..Golden Girl, 7. The Wound (detail), 8. Textile art heart, 9. Cups

Wednesday's collage

16th of February 2011, Leina Neima
If you wonder what we make in our lip balm workshops :=)

1. Huulepalsami töötuba / WORKSHOP: making lip balms , 2. Huulepalsami töötuba / WORKSHOP: making lip balms , 3. Huulepalsami töötuba / WORKSHOP: making lip balms , 4. Huulepalsami töötuba / WORKSHOP: making lip balms

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 09th of February 2011, Leina Neima
I miss spring and want to feel tender smell of sweet snowdrops! NOW!

Flickr favorites: 1. My first watercolour painting of 'Galanthus nivalis' ^ ^ 水彩画・待雪草, 2. 'One kind word..., 3. some snowdrops , 4. Snow-drop Fairy back

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 2th of February 2011, Leina Neima

Wonderful bags!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. Felted handbag Poppy, 2. finished Poppies bag, 3. Bamboo and Cherry Blossom Bag, 4. RED AND BOW Pure Luxury Handmade Dupioni Bridal Silk Clutch Wrapped with Bow

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 26th of January 2011, Marianne S
It is time to wake up from winter-dreams!
Flickr favorites: 1. p i e c e s, 2. Moody Mary package #12 detail, 3. White and cream crochet ring, 4. Paper Dress. Loe edasi

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 12th of January 2011, Leina Neima

Now when we have fresh money - euros here in Estonia – it’s time to choose new wallet :=)

Flickr favorites: 1. Wallet designed by him and sewn by her, 2. Belt Pouch, 3. greed 4, 4. Untitled

Wednesday's collage

30th of Detsember 2010, Leina Neima

Yesterday I visited Helsinki and had really lovely day. So I thought it is good idea to introduce some fellow crafters from Etsy who live in Helsinki area.


Please meet creative crafters from Helsinki :=)

Flickr favorites: 1. Soleil - bell sleeve cardigan by Joik; 2. Painting, torso by RubyRedDragon; 3. Escondidas necklace in ochre by ioulia; 4. Lintu - Brass bird earrings with emerald swarovski detail by stellakim; 5. Flower Card with fabric covered button by Muusa, 6. Enigma - long skirt with tatters by vaisto, 7. Esther on the door by minimellow; 8. Catadores 3 -bag by Carbagebag; 9. NEW Vincent Upcycled Suit Tote by DandyFlorence

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 22th of December 2010, Leina Neima
Merrry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

Flickr favorites: 1. Blitzen the Reindeer, 2. Elf House, 3. christmas babushkas, 4. Holly and Ivy Gnome - Christmas - waldorf inspired toy

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 16th of December 2010, Leina Neima

Lovely photos with footprints in the snow…

Flickr favorites: 1. Footprints in the Snow, 2. Footprint, 3. Mouse 's Strip Chart.., 4. Footprints in snow

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 8th of Detsember 2010, Leina Neima
Romantic winter art...

Flickr favorites:
1. snow sculptures...22/02/08, 2. Hidden, 3. ruffled snow white roses garden wedding headband, cuff bracelet, statement necklace, 4. Eva, 5. gatto nella neve/snow cat, 6. Nuno Felted Gauntlets Merino Wool, Silk, Vintage French Lace - Snow White OOAK, 7. Snow and winter stories, 8. La Mujer de la Nieve - The Woman From the Snow - Illustration, 9. Snow queen

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: th of December 2010, Leina Neima

Cute animal-themed bags!

Flickr favorites: 1. Koi handbag, 2. Handbag With a Squirrel / Käbikuningas, 3. purrrse, 4. Goldfish, Baby!

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 24. november 2010, Leina Neima

Discover those absolutely lovely laptop and messenger bags!

Flickr favorites: 1. laptop bag laptop sleeve laptop case, 2. felted messenger bag -pigeon message- 3, 3. my crochet laptop bag, 4. Surebuild PPC Cement Laptop Bag

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 17th of November 2010, Leina Neima

Sweet and tempting art of making fresh cosmetics... 

Flickr favorites: 1. lip balm, 2. Vanilla Almond Whipped Lip Butter Kit, 3. Turkish Delight Lip Balm, 4. ripe, now in a tin

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 10. november 2010, Leina Neima

Wonderful Estonian craft artists!

Flickr favorites: 1. Felted glasses case, 2. Life is Flower aka Don't be afraid to be diffrent_3, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled, 5. White Cup-pincushion, 6. Jewellery Set "Ode to Love", 7. Roses, 8. mageveepärliga kõrvarõngad, 9. Roosa organzapross

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 3th of November 2010, Leina Neima
It`s time to remember all of our dear  friends and family members who have died.

Flickr favorites: 1. ancient memories, 2. falena / Moth, 3. Versailles Angel - mirrored stained glass, 4. Wiener Kaffee Engel, 5. Autumn, 6. mademoiselle brooch cream and black 1.3, 7. Goodbyes, 8. Mervi a fairy-angel, 9. Untitled

Wednesday's collage

27th of October 2010, Leina Neima

Here you can find really talented self taught jewelry artists from Estonia.

1. Ring „OM“ by LumiDesign 2. Ring „Bridge Over Troubled Water“ by Tsirkusemoor 3.  Earrings„Secret Garden“ by Jewelry by Lucy 4.  Archaic brooch byMarre

Wednesday's collage

20th of october 2010, Marianne S
Flashback of the first theme of the bag making challenge "Outside of the Frame".

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 14th of October 2010, Leina Neima
Buzy days! Time flies too fast again...

Flickr favorites: 1. Time Flies Cuff, 2. skice39, 3. Chasing Rainbows, 4. Brown orange vintage alarm clock from Germany 1980s

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 07th of October 2010, Leina Neima

Wonderful laptop bags!

1. Untitled, 2. All You Need - messenger bag., 3. messenger bag, vintage embroidery, 4. Pandora Box Messenger Bag Number 2

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 29th of September 2010, Leina Neima

APPLES! Just now tasty apple jams and chutneys born in my kichen...

Flickr favorites: 1. Home made apple compote, 2. Mini Always Apple on hanging bough, 3. apple slice, 4. Miniature Food Apple Pie Prep Board

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 22th of September 2010, Leina Neima
It is time to look into the sky - Jupiter is making its closest pass by Earth for the year. And this year’s pass is a little closer than any other between 1963 and 2022...

Flickr favorites: 1. Red Spot Detail, 2. Jupiter ball/ pincushion, 3. Jupiter, 4. jupiter capped hollow nov 27 2, 5. Jupiter's Eye, 6. Jupiter Necklace, 7. Marble - Jupiter, 8. Crocheted Jupiter, 9. jupiter . ponytail holders .

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 15th of September 2010, Leina Neima

That is show I feel myself today, thank you so much - real estate developers with your big and greedy plans…


My deepest thanks are going to Mitsy- for creating such a wonderful source of emotions. You are real artist!  

Flickr favorites: 1. Mini feeling: stress, 2. Mini feeling: tied, 3. Mini feeling: defensive, 4. Mini feeling: bored, 5. Mini feeling: captured, 6. Mini feeling: empty, 7. Mini feeling: zombie, 8. Mini feeling: shitty, 9. Mini feeling: tough, 10. Mini feeling: mean, 11. Mini feeling: angry, 12. Mini feeling: torn

Happy Birthday - Wednesday's collage!

Flickr favorites: 08th of September 2010, Leina Neima

Flickr favorites: 1. Felt strawberry birthday cake, 2. A Frida Garland - stained glass bunting, 3. Miniature Food - Pink and Green Birthday Tray #4, 4. Miniature Food - Box of Chocolates

Wednesday's collage

1th of September 2010, Leina Neima
Inspirational collage for bag making challenge "Outside of the frame".

Take a closer look at fresh challenge participants in the GALLERY

HERE you can see all the rules of the challenge.

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 25th of August 2010, Leina Neima
Beautiful jewelry made of wire...

Flickr favorites: 1. Abstract - Trapeze silver plated wire wrapped ring, 2. Flower Pin, 3. Estrelinhas Cadentes, 4. Leda - Rock Crystal Clear Quartz earrings wire wrapped in oxidized sterling silver

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 18th of August 2010, Leina Neima

I finished my first real silver jewelry piece, so this time collage is dedicated to beautiful silver art... 

Flickr favorites: 1. Antarctica - Quartz and sterling silver ring, 2. White Cocoons, 3. jellyfish earrings - 2, 4. SILVER GEMELLI

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 11th of August 2010, Leina Neima
Mellow colors of August.

Flickr favorites: 1. Green summer, 2. Untitled, 3. Stitched circle squared, 4. Avocado Goodness - original fabric on wood

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 7th of August 2010, Leina
Hooray, I am back from my vacation in the islands...

Flickr favorites: 1. islands, 2. Sail Away Boats: Holiday on the Island of Flowers and Fruit four from front, 3. Composition on linen, 4. Dreaming in Colors

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 28th of July 2010, Leina Neima

August is coming with it`s dark and mystique nights...

Flickr favorites: 1. Clouds in the sky, 2. Pay It Forward, 3. wrapped woman cloeseup, 4. solitary walk, 5. Eyed Alcove..., 6. reflections in the water, 7. pictures in the dark, 8. Deco Queen pendant, 9. cloud with a stair brooch

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 21th of July  2010, Leina Neima
It is beach time!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. Brooch - Rainbow Rainy Cloud, 2. Happy Cloud, 3. Beach bums, 4. sand storm

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 14th of July 2010, Marianne S

Flickr favorites: 1. Beach streams, 2. Adriatic Sea Scarf, 3. blue fibers, 4. Minette

Wednesday's collage of July 2010, Leina
Refreshing, handmade cosmetics are surely best choice to our skin. Take a look into these shops to find some yummy items...

Some favorites fromEtsy: 1. Oatmeal and Honey Luxury Bath Collection - with our Handmade Bath Soap, Creamy Body Lotion and Luxury Shave Cream 2. Baby Grace Love Philosophy Type Goat's Milk and Honey Body Cream with shea butter 3. Rejuvenate Anti Aging Facial Moisturizer Cream for Mature Skin 4.

Ayurvedic Facial Cleansing Grains - vegan and gluten free - organic

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 30th of June 2010, Marianne S

Hooray, summer is finally here! As you can see - summer and crafts fit together really well.
Flickr favorites: 1. ocean view, 2. Shopping time!, 3. Teensy bags and flip flops, 4. my first attempt at needlepoint lace embroidery

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 23th of June 2010, Leina Neima
It is believed, that somewhere in the deep forests you can find fern flowers - only on the night called JAANIÖÖ (the celebration of the summer solstice).

Hopefully magical art of those talented artists can make this dream true and you can discover fern flowers - visit links below to see all pictures in larger size.

Flickr favorites: 1. catching the late sun, 2. Singing in the Forest, 3. Mushrooms, 4. YELLOW DANDELION FAIRY - natural toy - carved wooden figure - waldorf inspired, 5. undinesta, 6. turquoise forest , 7. Staghorn fern, 8. Untitled, 9. Shire SoftRocks necklace pendant 'lite' version

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites:16th og June 2010, Marianne S
The elusive beauty of lace... Click the links below to admire art of all those superb artists!

Flickr favorites: 1. Rain Girl :) (papercut), 2. Bubble Lace Ring #1 (2006), 3. new shelf border for my craft cabinet, 4. Miniature wedding cake @Squires Kitchen competition 1, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Lace aka Bizzilla, 8. Latte in Lace, 9. Layers 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 9th of June 2010, Leina Neima
Time of every kind of bugs hanging around has started!

Flickr favorites: 1. Eurygaster testudinaria - Tortoise Bug, 2. Tiny identified as a fungus gnat..., 3. Cockchafer ~ May Beetle ~ Meikever, 4. Hymenopus coronatus sub-adult, 5. Bugs buttons, 6. lapel bug 10b, 7. Tick, 8. Scarabs and their Eyeballs, 9. Flying Mantis Origami

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 2th of June 2010, Marianne S

1. Untitled, 2. 9784072463857, 3. toddler dresses pintucked, 4. Fortunato Cereza, 5. heart., 6. little puppy with pink and purple flowers, 7. Handmade doorstop with Anne Claire Petit crochet rabbits, 8. Shirt Bear Experiment, 9. The Lollipop Guild

Wednesday's collage

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 5th of May 2010, Marianne S
Flickr favorites: 1. Floral Baby Blanket, 2. Blushing Maidens, 3. Midsummer Collar flower close up 1000, 4. Teasels / Hespeler, Ontario, 5. sakuras, 6. Vintage Lace Collage, 7. common humanity wip3, 8. cottage garden wip detail, 9. the penny rug bouquet

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 12th of May 2010, Leina Neima
Black and white is always so inspiring, please click the links below to meet all those fabulous artists.

Flickr favorites: 1. Black&White.jpg, 2. Black/White/Grey, 3. The fancy cloth cat resting, 4. Round Solido, 5. Moonlight Umbels, 6. girasole earrings ocma, 7. there's no home for you here, 8. WANDERING STARS series, 9. makiage test

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 5th of May 2010, Marianne S
This collage is dedicated to wonderful artist SharonB and TAST - Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. Sharon invited this challenge into life some years ago and we really admire her passion to keep it alive for years and bring such a great inspiration into people´s lives.

Don´t forget to take a look into TAST flickr galllery!
Flickr favorites: 1. Untitled, 2. TAST 1 002, 3. Finished Pods, 4. Raised Herringbone Band, 5. the garden, 6. #10 Cloud Filling, 7. Pistil stich, 8. Fossil Bed, 9. TAST 2010 - knotted buttonhole stitch

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 27th of Aprill 2010, Leina Neima
Lava and ash - Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull makes weather in Europe.

Flickr favorites: 1. Orange Bokeh, 2. Personal Volcano.., 3. Ray of Sunshine, 4. Agate - ('Slab' held up to sunlight), 5. ORANGE PASSION :DESERT DANCE, 6. Volcano, 7. My Favourite Things: Orange Flowers & Bee, 8. WIP LavaBag detail 3, 9. Hot Orange Poppy...2 ways tonight...2 photos

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 21th of April 2010, Marianne S

Nina Dinoff had amazing idea and made wonderful Ring a Day challenge…

To see more, take a closer look into Ring a Day flickr galley.

Flickr favorites: 1. morning glory in the evening (RAD 107-365 4/17/10), 2. Ring-a-Day 109/365 4.19.10, 3. RAD 72/365 03.13.10, 4. R-A-D #93 4/8/2010 "Bitter Orange Blossom", 5. RaD 19/365 strawberry ring, 6. Ring a Day 108/365, 7. RAD 46_04-15-2010(2), 8. RAD #79 3/20/10 "Copper Scrap" , 9. rad # 77 - 4. 18 .10

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 14. Aprill 2010, Leina Neima

Yay, I saw my first butterflies of this spring!!!

Flickr favorites: 1. Rainbow butterfly, 2. Butterfly pins, 3. bloomsbury butterfly mirror, 4. The Butterfly Fairy queen 2007

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: Aprill, 8th 2010, Marianne S
Waiting for the sun...

Flickr favorites:  1. Bulle de Reve Soleil, 2. weather, 3. Smiling Sun cane, 4. A delightful SWAP! 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites:  31.03.2010, Marianne S,

Tomorrow will be the 1th of Aprill :=)
Flickr favorites: 1. Laughing Turkoman woman, 2. Snow Dress, 3. peep, 4. DSC07012_edited-1, 5. hush..., 6. cupcake picks, 7. Primitive Folk Art Cloth and Clay Doll, 8. tea set, 9. Boy laughing. Portrait, Ouidah, Bénin, Africa. 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 24th, Leina Neima

Yesterday, laying in bed with fever and drinking hot tea, I realized how much I miss summer and looking into the blue sky.


Look into the Flickr galleries of all these artists who made me feel better :=)

Flickr favorites: 1. blue suede flower ring, 2. romantic ice blue rose flower brooch, 3. Fru Himmel, 4. Horizon, 5. Blue Heart on White Three Brooch, 6. sky on sky, 7. Shades of white_2, 8. Cloudy sky, 9. Blue Stripes

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 17th, Leina Neima
I wait for you!!!

Flickr favorites:  1. Ring bearer bird for summer wedding :), 2. bird bags, 3. dandy no 22 , 4. 1. Robin's Nest, 5. new wrens, 6. Spring bird, 7. The singing birds, 8. Blue Bird Nest Soap Set, 9. bird nest necklace/colar ninho

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March 10th, 2010, Marianne S

Flickr favorites:  1. white stuff, 2. Untitled, 3. Textile art heart, 4. white napkins, 5. White Shawl, 6. Mexican art natural fibers texture, 7. floating squares, 8. “We live in a web of ideas", 9. White flower, silver leaf earrings

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: March, 3th 2010, Leina Neima
Waiting for the spring...

Flickr favorites:  1. jonquil, 2. Daffodil bird set, 3. Daffodil Barrette 03, 4. Sunrise 2007, 5. sinistertulip1, 6. spring, 7. the last bow, 8. Just checking...., 9. PETALS - Orange Lover - from my Spring Flower Collection

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 24. Veebruar 2010, Marianne S
Happy Independence Day! Today is Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

1. Embroidery, 2. Under a Blue Sky, 3. Patterns in Blue, 4. rollei000197.jpg, 5. dragon, 6. last dance with you............., 7. may2008 053, 8. Well decorated, 9. FEMALE BAUHAUS, Window

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 17. Veebruar 2010, Leina Neima, Kommentaarid: 0
Amazing, creative and inspiring pincushions! Take a closer look and click the links below to visit those wonderful artists.

Flickr favorites: 1. my pincushion, 2. Very easy pincushions, 3. Bottle Cap Pincushion #357, 4. mouse pincushion, 5. capel & polka pincushion, 6. barnabas owl, 7. Pebble pincushions, 8. Flower Pincushions, 9. Felted Pincushion, 10. Lavender Pincushion, 11. middle earth pincushions, 12. Diane's Teacup Pincushion, 13. toadstool pincushion, 14. Handmade Pincushions Group, 15. Pincushion with Estonian traditional pattern, 16. linen pincushion

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites:10. Veebruar 2010, Marianne S,
All about hearts...

Flickr favorites:1. I love you, 2. to create..., 3. The pink heart in bloom necklace , 4. Chain of Hearts, 5. birds and bees, 6. How to make wax decorations?, 7. love is, 8. v-day., 9. 12 :: 365

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 03. Veebruar 2010, Leina Neima
Explore these wonderful photos and artists´s Flickr galleries by clicking links below the collage!  Collage was made to give some inspiration to our new bag making theme - Shades of the White.

Flickr favorites: 1. Composite , 2. swirled wood white texture, 3. 211/365: He loves me, he loves me not, 4. Tracey's Texture 30, 5. Untitled, 6. LacyLichen, 7. Arrayed in White, 8. Textures (macro D,black and white), 9. air mail 

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 27. Jaanuar 2010, Marianne S,

Flickr favorites: 1. Standing Proud, 2. Texture for Layer, 3. Vintage Ruffles Jewelry box, 4. Eve Stillman Silk & Nylon Lace Ruffled Poet Nightshirt 8, 5. Vintage Pink & Blue Dishes, 6. Selfportrait in the ruffle neck collar by Rollin Reveu, 7. Marci, 8. my path, 9. lustre

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 20. Jaanuar 2010, Leina Neima,
Wonderful art - all about ice-skating...

Flickr favorites: 1. The Chase, 2. I'm ice skating., 3. Bladeruiner, 4. Bird Ornament, 5. Ice Skating 2008, 6. Ice Skater Lady Necklace, 7. christmas,holiday,shabby,cottage,roses,chic,pair ice skates 4, 8. felt ice skate boot, 9. Pink Ice Skate Cookie

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 13. Jaanuar 2010, Leina Neima

Flickr favorites:  1. HIP BAG / BODY BAG, 2. Little elf bag, 3. Retro Flower Messenger - Multi, 4. cinderella pumpkin carriage bag, 5. Satu and the Butterflies bag, 6. anita1, 7. Felt Bag, 8. Jamaican Petite, 9. PearlGirl Artist Bag by DutchCraftWork

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 16. Detsember 2009, Leina Neima
Waiting for the snow...

1. Winter Wonderland, 2. Vintage Jewelry, 3. Let It Snow Bookoo, 4. Svetlana Snowflake Brooch, 5. snowflake 3pc sets, 6. Snow themed keychain, 7. winter acorns, 8. the return of winter.. 10 photos, 9. Giant Snowflake Brooch or Pin

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 09. Detsember 2009, Marianne S

1. Snowflake Curtain, 2. christmas bird ornaments, 3. Peppermint garland, 4. skinny long stockings, 5. White Christmas Lavender Bird, 6. Christmas Balls, 7. Christmas cookies, 8. Christmas angels, 9. Christmas Pear

Wednesday's collage - FEMME FATALE

Flickr favorites: 02. Detsember 2009, Leina Neima
Inspiration for "Outside of the frame" challenge...

1. aphrodite 2, 2. Medusa, Temple of Apollon, Didyma, 3. La mia musa...da sempre!, 4. Marlene Dietrich, 5. Maila Nurmi 'VAMPIRA' 1950s, 6. Lady In Black, 7. The den, 8. Touch, 9. Smoking, 10. Davida, 11. Theda Bara, 12. Greta Garbo 1931, 13. 1940's Femme Fatale, 14. Dansk Autumn 08.jpg, 15. Mata Hari in elaborate middle eastern brassiere, 16. WALLPAPER*

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 25. November 2009, Marianne S
1. Light, 2. 02-energia, 3. Natural, 4. What Are You Aiming For?, 5. walter wasn't sure what to do, 6. cascata de Fio de Ovos, 7. Red, grey and metal, 8. Jewel Squares Detail, 9. room #28

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 18. November 2009, Leina Neima
Felted beauty!!!

1. necklace, 2. Blue Rose Brooch, 3. Sweet fruits necklace, 4. felted edelweiss, 5. Chunky Felt and Bead Bangles, 6. Lemon lime headband, 7. apple slice, 8. felt flower, 9. Keep Out - Not too shabby, 10. Custom order for Kankalinhats, 11. Peardrop brooch, 12. raspberry coral

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 11. November 2009, Marianne S

1. starfish abstract, 2. sweet cherry II, 3. Flesh eater, 4. red., 5. Colours & Textures I, 6. Laden Cat, 7. pregadeiras, 8. IMG_0500, 9. more mushrooms

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 04. November 2009, Leina Neima
I am always inspired by first snow and cats...

1. Dink's First Experience With Snow, 2. First snow 2005_cat print, 3. *Snow cats* Explored, 4. Flying Cat, 5. Snow paw, 6. i think i like this ..., 7. Richard Gere, 8. First Snow, 9. The Lion in Winter, 10. Snow paw, 11. Untitled, 12. A new world!

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 27. Oktoober 2009, Marianne S
Dreamy inspiration...

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 21. Oktoober 2009, Leina Neima
Bye, bye my dear birds...

1. Untitled, 2. charlie, 3. Silver Gull close up right, 4. Fly Away Home Pendant, 5. willkommen, 6. overflying seagull #2, 7. Fly me to the Moon…, 8. fly away earrings, 9. making do

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 14. Oktoober 2009, Marianne S
Golden and warm tones, be sure to take a closer look at these wonderful artists!

1. still life in red, 2. New World, 3. White paint over rust, Seahouses, 4. gift parcels, 5. mojo, 6. Mar 01: Another leaf bites the dust, 7. I see love, 8. souvenirs 3, 9. Flying away

Wednesday's collage- AUTUMN SONATA

Flickr favorites: 07. Oktoober 2009, Leina Neima
Inspiration for "Outside of the frame" challenge...

1. 17 mangos and 7 snakes - 2, 2. VINTAGE VELVET BAG, 3. Make Cakes not War, bucket bag, 4. umbel, 5. Fruit of olive at sunset, 6. detail-1, 7. signs, 8. Bird Of Rust, 9. lion's mane dahlia

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 30. September 2009, Marianne S

Gray autumns tones can be so beautiful...

1. rosettes made with paper punch., 2. Mineral Macro 8, 3. Felt with silk paper., 4. Sidmouth - the great British summer, 5. Silk paper with paper., 6. skeleted flowers, 7. what I've been up to......, 8. Untitled, 9. TAST WEEK 23 WHEATEAR STITCH

Wednesday's collage - MAGICAL SNAKES

Flickr favorites: 23. September 2009, Leina Neima

1. golden asp, 2. Smooth Green Snake - Opheodrys vernalis, 3. Copper, silver and black Snake necklace., 4. DSC_0308.JPG, 5. Polymer Clay Flying Snake, 6. Green Cat Eyed Snake, 7. snake in a basket, 8. Northern Water Snake, 9. Forbidden Fruits, The Snake in the Garden of Eden

Wednesday's collage

Flickr favorites: 16. September 2009, Marianne
Wonderful colors and textures!!!

1.curved selvege applique, 2. The Green Venice, 3. Seascape Cellphone Pouch, 4. mobile swap 04, 5. 07-biomasa, 6. Linden leaves, 7. Untitled, 8. pilgrimage, 9. Fifties Flashback

Wednesday's collage - MUSHROOMS

Flickr favorites: 08. September 2009, Marianne

1. Fungi Rainbows, 2. Brother & Sister, 3. Libertadores Ambulantes, 4. Mushroom Ornament top, 5. Hongos en las puertas, 6. Mushrooms/Fungi..10/10/07, 7. Blue Turkey Tail (tramentes versicolor), 8. Psathyrella conopilus, 9. Mushrooms

Wednesday's collage - AUTUMN

Flickr favorites: 02. September 2009, Leina Neima

1. The Feel of Autumn, 2. Gourds, 3. Smoke From a Distant Fire, 4. NunoFelt Shawl - Memory of the autumn