What do you see in these pictures?

March 19, 2010, Leina Neima, Comments: 2

Flickr favorites. Click to see larger pictures: 1. Orange Studs #1, 2. Ciabatta Bread, 3. Christmas in Miniature - Turquey, 4. Turkish Pastries, 5. Miniature Chocolate and Raspberry Cake, 6. Miniature Bread Tray, 7. Miniature food for Dollhouse - Cookie Preparation Board!, 8. Miniature Sushi For 2, 9. Miniature Food - Crepes Spread #6


Yes, it really looks like food and actually it is food but one just can’t eat it :=)

This wonderful table is served by Stephanie Kilgast – talented self taught artist and food miniaturist. I just LOVE her work!

Stephanie discovered her passion for miniatures in summer 2007, while she was searching for a new hobby and this passion somehow grew bigger and bigger until it got her entire life… Now she has her own brand - PetitPlat Miniature Food. 

Please step into her website and her blog and her Flickr gallery to take a closer look at her amazingly well done and appetizing creation.

Or just buy something tasty from her Etsy shop.

Comments: 2

Such a lovely feature! thank you a lot :) xx Stephanie
March 19, 2010.PetitPlat
wow! just discovered their shop Etsy and am completely in love!
March 21, 2010.skeptis

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