Wish you tons of creative madness!

February 20, 2014, Leina Neima, Comments: 0
Although it is extremely gray morning today - I wish you all happy, magically colorful and madly creative day!

We all need sometimes just a bit of inner madness - to boost our creativity, find some fresh ideas and make some new fruits of creation appear. Don't be afraid to be childish, laugh loud and make silly things without fear of anybody judging :=) 

The LAUGHING CLOWN NEBULA -Needle Felted Wearable Art Brooch (XBY000-12) 

From afar, the whole thing looks like giant colorful clown. A closer look at the LAUGHING CLOWN NEBULA, however, shows several colorful gas-filled regions which are home to young, extremely massive stars and two mystical round "eyes". Alternatively known as XBY000-12 this weird object still remains quite a mystery for scientists.

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