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19. september 2012, Leina Neima, Kommentaarid: 0
Halli päeva leiud - võluvalt hallid...

Flickr favorites: 1. EYE of Providence Necklace with eyes in Grey Couture Textile Jewelry collection, 2. bead tower, 3. HE BIRTH of VENUS Wedding or Special Occasions Felted Bolero, 4. Diana - Feather earrings Guinea Hen polka dot earrings in Sterling Silver. Handmade ethnic tribal design jewelry by Arctida, 5. Untitled, 6. Papier mache bowl - Stone and lichen, 7. Felted Cover for a notebook Dark Grey, 8. long grey sweater dress, 9. Birch, long felted scarf

Kommentaarid: 0

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